Species Rich Wildflowermat

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Species Rich Wildflowermat

Suitable for:
• Creating a Multi-Coloured, Species Rich Lawn
• Dense, Year Round Grass Cover
• Most Soil Types

Species Rich Wildflowermat is a wonderful multi-coloured, hardwearing informal lawn that is incredibly easy to care for and a real asset to biodiversity.

Blended from 12 species of slow growing grasses with 23 types of colourful pollinator-friendly native perennial plants, the result is a multi-coloured carpet of very low growing plants, that are perfect for relaxing or playing on.

Species Rich Lawn only needs mowing every other week, as it won’t grow to much more than ankle height. It’s specially designed for a relaxed maintenance regime, so you can happily leave it while you are on holiday!

The specially selected grasses ensure full coverage all year round – even in winter time when the flowering plants are asleep. As for hot dry summers, Species Rich Lawn Turf will keep its colour for longer than a standard grass lawn and will recover from drought much quicker.

Key Facts:
• Tightly sown lawn mix of 80% slow growing grasses and 20% native wildflowers.
• A multi-coloured turf mix with 100% perennial plants.
• Stunning flower varieties in shades of yellow, white, pink and purple.
• Grows to just above ankle height.
• We recommend mowing once every other week.
• Suitable for most ground applications.
• Standard turf mat size is 2000mm x 500mm (1m2).
• The normal weight of Species Rich Lawn turf is 24Kg per square metre (per roll), although this may vary slightly according to moisture levels. We therefore recommend having two people to install it.

Key Benefits:
• A vibrant colourful mix of slow growing grasses and perennial plants for sustainability and lower maintenance.
• Long flowering period from spring through to autumn.
• Flowering Times: March – September (flowering times will be dependent on your soil type and local weather conditions).
• Year round dense ground cover.
• Species Rich Lawn Wildflowermat creates a hugely valuable wildlife carpet for attracting a wide selection of pollinating insects.
• Species Rich Lawn Wildflowermat is trimmed before despatch to minimise any damage to plants during transit. Therefore, it will not be in flower when delivered.
• Species Rich Lawn can be installed at any time of the year,
• The balance of plant species in Species Rich Lawn, is influenced by the local microclimate, weather conditions, plant management and pollinator populations. It’s a truly biodiverse and natural evolving, adaptable product, which will change appearance from year to year.
• Very easy to install, the ground stabilising mat is pre-populated with living plants. Simply prepare the ground as instructed, unroll, peg down (if on a slope), and water frequently until plants and roots are well established.
• The mass of wildflowers and grasses will suppress annual weed seeds and helps stop weeds from germinating.

Where to Grow Species Rich Lawn Wildflowermat?
Species Rich Lawn is easily installed like any normal lawn turf. It needs to be laid onto prepared soil, but unlike most types of Wildflowermat varieties which require a Low Fertility soil, Species Rich Lawn Turf can tolerate slightly higher nutrient rich soils, meaning that most garden soils will be fine. You will however need to keep your new lawn watered until the roots are well established.

Low Fertility Topsoil

Wildlife Friendly!
Species Rich Lawn is grown outdoors on a wildlife friendly plant nursery. We actively encourage birds, insects and other creatures to share the benefits of the plants as they grow. We do not normally use Pesticides and Weedkillers in any wildflower turf production.

What is Species Rich Lawn Wildflowermat?

Species Rich Lawn Wildflowermat is a vegetation blanket consisting of a thin layer of growing medium supporting a vibrant plant and grass population. To install Species Rich Lawn, simply unroll onto at least 15cm depth of growing medium and keep well-watered until the roots are embedded deeply into the soil.

How to Install and Care For Species Rich Lawn Wildflowermat?
The maintenance regime for Species Rich Lawn is very simple, simply cut every other week to maintain a dense coverage of wildflowers and grasses.

What Seeds are In Species Rich Lawn Wildflowermat?
Please note, percentages refer to the weight of the seed in the growing mix and do not necessarily reflect the proportions of mature plants.

80% slow growing grasses

    Slender Creeping Red Fescue
    Hard Fescue
    Sheeps Fescue
    Small Leaved Timothy
    Crested Dogs Tail
    Brown Top Bent
    Chewings Fescue
    Creeping Bent
    Strong Creeping Red Fescue
    Smooth Meadow Grass
    Rough Stalked Meadow Grass
    Perennial Ryegrass

20% Native wildflowers

For a colourful display that provides lots of pollen and nectar to support beneficial insects all the way from early spring to late autumn.

    Common Knapweed
    Meadow Buttercup
    Rough Hawkbit
    Cat’s Ear
    Common mouse-ear
    Birdsfoot Trefoil
    Black Medick
    Ribwort Plantain
    Common Sorrel
    Lady’s Bedstraw
    White Clover
    Creeping Buttercup
    Autumn Hawkbit
    Yellow Rattle
    Small Scabious
    Wood Sage
    Wild Carrot
    Red Clover
    Common Dandelion

Purchasing Options:
• This product is sold by the square meter (m2), Wildflowermat rolls generally measure 2m x 0.5m which equates to 1 sq.mt, but can vary depending on the cutting machine being used.
• There is no minimum order quantity, however delivery will be on a pallet, which can take up to 50 wildflower turf. So the please try to order as close to a full pallet as you can to keep the pallet delivery costs down.

Wildflower Turf Delivery Considerations

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