Pure White Play Sand

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Pure White Play Sand

• Children’s Sand Pits & Play Areas
• Sports Uses
• School Jumping Pits
• Creating Natural Beaches
• Craft Projects

Fully conforming to BS EN 1177 for safety, quality, impact and absorption, our Pure White Play Sand is a very safe, high quality, inert, non-staining, non-allergic, extra fine, clean, soft, white, children’s play sand.  This premium quality play sand has rounded particles which will not scratch or damage your little one’s eyes, making Bury Hill Pure White Play Sand safe for use in children’s sand pits and play areas and for school jumping pits and sports areas.

Please Note: Whilst the colour of our play sand is whiter than most other play sands available, the colour can vary between very pale beige and white and is dependent on the quarried veins being worked. The above hand picture shows the sand when it is dry, however the colour of all sands will temporarily darken when the sand becomes wet and lighten as it dries out. Also, please be aware that this high-quality pure white play sand should not be confused with cheaper yellow inferior grade building sands, which can be both harmful and staining. The hand pictures above show our Pure White Play Sand in its dry state, the other play area pictures used are generic.

Fully Certificated to BSI EN 1177:2008


Pure White Play Sand Product Specification Sheet

• Scientifically verified
• Washed and non-staining
• Non-allergic
• Durable with excellent drainage
• Extra fine soft washed texture
• Round Particles
• Free flowing
• 100% contaminate Free
• Sustainably sourced
• Fully compliant to BSI EN 1177:2008 and beyond
• Very easy to use
• Suitable for immediate use

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