Urban Tree Soil (S)

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Urban Tree Soil (S)

Suitable For:
• Urban Tree Planting
• Preventing Subsidence
• Compaction Resistant Tree Planting Soil
• Tree Planting in Car Parks
• Preventing Pavement & Road Damage
• Tree Planting in Hard Landscaping Environments

Often referred to as ‘Amsterdam Tree Sand’ or ‘Structural Tree Sand’, Bury Hill Urban Tree Soil (S) has been specifically created as an anti-compaction soil for tree planting in urban areas, car parks and hard landscaping environments.

Bury Hill’s Urban Tree Soils are produced with high levels of sand for the structural and drainage properties required for these types of soils. The grading of the sand is therefore important, and our Urban Tree Soil (S) utilises a free-draining medium/coarse sand with a reasonably narrow particle size distribution, which is sufficient to ensure porosity levels are maintained when the material is compacted.

Laboratory testing confirms, when compacted, the permeability of our Urban Tree Soil (S) was moderately high at 84mm/hr and is considered satisfactory for urban tree planting and tree planting in hard landscaping environments.

Furthermore, Urban Tree Soil (S) is adequately supplied with organic matter and all major plant nutrients.

Both the horticultural and geotechnical properties of this material are also confirmed suitable for the proposed application, and our Urban Tree Soil (S) can be installed to a maximum depth of 600mm.

We recommend that our Urban Tree Soil (S) should be used in conjunction with our  Sussex Medium/Coarse Sand (Y)

If you require a faster draining Urban Tree Soil, you may wish to consider our Urban Tree Soil (R)

For enhancing the water and nutrient retention capacities of this soil, consider applying and integrating our TerraCottem Universal Soil Conditioner into each layer of the Urban Tree Soil (S) prior to consolidation.

Urban Tree Soil (S) is fully tested and accredited for use as a Structural Tree Planting Soil in hard landscaping environments by the UK’s leading Soil Science and Landscape Engineering Consultants, Tim O’Hare Associates

Urban Tree Soil (S) Accreditation

Urban Tree Soil Installation Guidelines

Key Features
• Compaction Resistant
• Installation depth: upto 600mm
• Moderately High Permeability (compacted): 84mm/hr
• Minimum CBR (California Bearing Ratio): 5% 
• Sufficient porosity levels
• pH: 8.4

Availability:  Bulk Bags and Loose

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