Premium Hardwood Play Chip

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Premium Hardwood Play Chip

• Sports & Play Areas
• Reducing Impact & Injury
• Domestic, Commercial & Local Authority Uses
• Mulching & Dressing Beds & Borders
• Poultry Runs & Coops
• Creating Rustic Pathways & Seating Areas

Bury Hill Hardwood Play Chip is derived from a blend of sustainably sourced, selected mixed British Hardwoods, and is 100% natural. Our 5-35mm Premium Hardwood Play Chip is chipped to a uniform size and offers a great balance between appearance, durability and economy in comparison to alternative play barks, decorative barks and surface coverings.

This material is fully tested for play use to BS EN 1177:2008, making our clean Hardwood Play Chip a great alternative to more expensive play barks whilst also offering an economical alternative to decorative barks. This product meets a wide range of landscaping requirements such as dressing and mulching beds and borders and path coverings, whilst also being ideal for chicken runs and coops due to its durability.

Bury Hill Hardwood Play Chip is light chestnut brown in colour which softens over time. Composed of 100% hardwood chip, it is an extremely durable product and is very easy to install. This clean, chipped product, has minimal fines and drains extremely well, giving the product excellent longevity making it a good choice for use in busy play areas.

Because of its economic cost and increased durability, Bury Hill Hardwood Play Chip is a great alternative to play grade barks, both for play and decorative landscape uses, and has proved to be a popular choice for local authority installations.

• Play Tested in accordance with BS EN 1177:2008

Premium Hardwood Play Chip Product Specification Sheet

• Superb economy play surface
• Responsibly sourced
• Safe and long-lasting premium play medium
• 100% British mixed hardwood chip
• Particle Size: 5-35mm
• Minimal percentage of fines
• Durability 4-6 years
• Bulk Density 270-320 kg/m3
• Settlement Factor: 15%
• Ornamental appearance
• Ideal for mulching and dressing
• Resistant to frost
• Clean & Non staining
• Easy to install and apply
• Suppresses weed growth
• Excellent moisture retention
• Ages to a dark golden colour
• Free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds
For the best possible safety benefits when using this product, we recommend that the RoSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents) advise is followed, which suggests that commercial play areas have a depth of 300mm, whilst for domestic use, the depth can be reduced to 150mm, without compromising your children’s safety. Please see below the tested critical fall heights to determine the minimum safety depth requirements.

For pathways our recommendation is a depth of 100mm.

100mm Depth   1.8m
200mm Depth   3.7m
300mm Depth   5.2m

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