Play Grade Pine Bark 18-35mm

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Play Grade Pine Bark 18-35mm


• Sports & Play Areas
• Reducing Impact & Injury
• Domestic, Commercial & Local Authority Uses
• Mulching & Dressing Ornamental Beds & Borders
• Creating Rustic Pathways & Seating Areas

Bury Hill Play Grade Pine Bark is produced with 100% natural British pine bark graded to 18-35mm and conforms fully to BS EN 1177:2008 for play area use. An easy to install and maintain product, this attractive pine bark is ideal for children’s play areas, providing a safe and long lasting protective medium when applied to BSEN recommended safety depths (see safety advise below) assuring a safe, soft landing should mishaps occur!

An attractive reddish-brown in colour, our Play Grade Pine Bark is a versatile premium grade product ideal for a wide range of landscaping applications. In addition to being an excellent weed suppressant, it aids water retention when used as a decorative ornamental mulch on beds and borders, providing an attractive and easy to maintain dressed finish.

A further benefit of this superb play surface material is its longevity, as it lasts far longer than other barks and mulches, thanks to its clean, easy-to-drain and frost resistant properties and minimal white wood content. With annual raking, this excellent bark will retain its colour and integrity for many years to come.

This material is used widely specified in the UK by local authorities, schools and sports UK.

• Play Tested in accordance with BS EN 1177:2008
• Fire Tested in accordance with BS EN 4790:1987
• FSC Sourced

Play Grade Pine Bark Product Specification Sheet

• Superb premium play surface material
• Safe and long-lasting premium play medium
• Responsibly sourced
• 100% British mixed pine bark
• pH 4.5 – 5.5
• Particle Size: 18-35mm
• Less than 10% white wood
• Minimal percentage of fines
• Longevity 4-6 years
• Bulk Density 210 – 270 kg/m3
• Settlement Factor: 15%
• Ornamental appearance
• Ideal for mulching and dressing
• Resistant to frost
• Clean & non staining
• Easy to install and apply
• Suppresses weed growth
• Excellent moisture retention
• Free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds
• Hostile living environment for pests
• 100% organic, providing a pleasant aroma and dark golden colour

For the best possible safety benefits when using this product, we recommend that you follow the RoSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents) advise, which suggests that commercial play areas have a depth of 300mm, whilst for domestic use, the depth can be reduced to 150mm, without compromising your children’s safety. Please see below the BSEN tested critical fall heights to determine the minimum safety depth requirements.

100mm Depth   1.5m
200mm Depth   4.3m
300mm Depth   5.0m

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