Multi-Purpose Compost

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Multi-Purpose Compost

• A wide range of gardening uses
• Sowing seeds
• Filling Pot & Containers
• Use in Hanging Baskets
• Mulching Beds & Borders
• Enriching Tired Soils

Bury Hill Multi-Purpose Compost is a well proven product suitable for a wide variety of gardening applications. The formula of this compost has been designed to aid strong root development and to encourage vigorous growth in young plants making this natural peat compost perfect for seeding, cutting and potting as well as many other gardening applications.
The material used in our Multi-Purpose Compost is obtained from ethically sourced Irish peat bogs and enriched with a specially formulated, high quality, slow release fertiliser, with the addition of a small amount of Magnesium lime dust to increase the pH and a wetting agent to help the product absorb water. Bury Hill Multi-Purpose Compost is specifically produced to promote superior root growth and moisture retention. As with all of our compost products, Bury Hill Multi-Purpose Compost is fully sterilized to ensure that it contains no pests or weeds.


• Fully meets the Multi-Purpose Compost criteria

• 100% Natural Irish Peat
• Free from Green Waste
• pH appx 5.5
• Particle size 0-10mm
• Promotes strong and healthy root growth
• Great for all planting applications
• Suitable for a wide range of gardening uses
• Rich in organic matter
• Enriched with fertiliser
• Retains moisture
• Ideal for young plants
• Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly
• Non manure based
• Aminopyralid free
• Suitable for immediate use

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