Cornish (Silver Grey) Horticultural Grit 2-5mm

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Cornish (Silver Grey) Horticultural Grit 2-5mm

• Cacti & Succulents
• Alpines & Rock Plants
• Dressing & Mulching Rockeries, Pots & Troughs
• Increasing Drainage in soils
• Improving Soil Structure & Aeration

Bury Hill Cornish Horticultural Grit 2-5mm is silver/grey in colour and is produced from 100% Cornish granite chippings and is a gardening essential for improving the structure and drainage in soils. With a neutral pH, our Cornish Horticultural Grit is ideal for dressing pots, troughs and rockeries and can be blended with soil or compost to make a great potting medium for growing Cacti, Succulents, Alpines and Rock Plants in addition to use with seedlings and cuttings.
Cornish Horticultural Grit is a bi-product of the Cornish china clay industry and will assist in breaking down heavy soils whilst at the same time increasing aeration and aiding water retention thereby greatly assisting strong and healthy root and plant growth.

• Single source 100% Cornish Granite Grit

Cornish (Silver Grey) Horticultural Grit Product Specification Sheet

• Quality verified
• Neutral pH
• Ideal for aerating soils
• Great for improving sandy soils
• Improves moisture retention
• Increases aeration
• Adds decorative finish to pots, containers & rockeries
• Screened to 5mm
• Easy to use
• Suitable for immediate use

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