With many years of experience creating and blending an extensive and evolving range of specialist manufactured soils and horticultural products to exacting specifications, we understand that from time to time there is a need for a customised blend, that is outside of our normal production ranges.

What is Manufactured Topsoil

Bespoke Blends
Any of our soil or horticultural blends can be modified to meet a clients specific needs, and for more complex specifications, we work very closely with Tim O’Hare Associates, the country’s leading independent Soil Science and Landscape Engineering Consultants, to ensure that each bespoke blend we create, not only meets the required specification for the particular scheme, but also the expected performance levels.

Bespoke Services
Whilst the majority of our bespoke soils and horticultural mixes are blended in our yard to ensure exacting standards, sometimes the clients volume requirements and budget dictate that we need to blend the materials at the customers chosen location. This is particularly so when the various bespoke materials need to be sourced from very different locations. In such cases we have the unique ability to set up a temporary blending facility at a clients chosen location where our trained staff can undertake the bespoke blending in situ.

To learn how we can help you to create your bespoke requirements, please email us by clicking here or contact one of our dedicated sales team who will be happy to help and advise as necessary, please call us on (01306) 772455.

We are happy to dispatch Free Samples upon request!
Whilst we endeavour to describe our products as accurately as possible, providing visual images and the latest test data and detailed specifications where available, we understand that at times, it is important to see and touch the product to ensure it fully meets customer’s expectations.