Tree & Shrub Planting Mix

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Tree & Shrub Planting Mix

Suitable for:

• Urban Planting Schemes
• Tree & Shrub Containers, Planters and Pots
• Tree & Shrub & Hedge Planting
• Prestigious Planting Applications
• Planting Schemes Requiring Increased Drainage

Bury Hill Tree & Shrub Mix is a specialist blend of organic PAS100 compost (the British Standard for composts), a specially blended sandy loam and 2-5mm Silver Cornish Horticultural Grit blended to provide an enriched, free draining soil which is essential for planting trees, shrubs and hedgerows, both in open ground or in large tree and shrub containers.

The finished material is a manufactured organic rich, friable, free draining, planting soil, screened to 10mm and packed full of the nutrients and natural minerals which are essential for promoting strong and healthy root and plant growth.

This product is tested and accredited by the UK’s leading soil scientist to BS3882:2015.

• Fully compliant to BS3882:2015 (The British Standard for topsoil)
• Fully conforms to the Guidance in NHBC Standards Plus 2021.

(please note that our Tree & Shrub Mix is a blend of our Planting Loam and Horticultural Grit)

What is BS3882:2015?
BS 3882:2015 is the British Standard Specification for “Topsoil and Requirements for Use” in the UK.

What is BS3882:2015?

What is Manufactured Topsoil


• Scientifically verified
• Fully conforms to NHBC Standards Plus
• pH 8.0 - 8.5
• High organic content
• Full of nutrients & minerals
• Fully compliant to industry standards and beyond
• Contaminate free
• Screened to 10mm
• Friable
• Free draining
• Balanced water retention
• Easy to use
• No additional compost recommended
• 100% Peat Free
• Non manure based
• Aminopyralid free
• Suitable for immediate planting

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