Tree & Shrub Planting Mix

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Tree & Shrub Planting Mix

Suitable for:
• Tree, Shrub & Hedge Planting
• Multi-Purpose Growing Media for Containers, Planters and Pots

The Bury Hill Tree & Shrub Mix has always been one of our most popular products, with customers regularly buying the product year after year.

This blend of a British Standard Topsoil, Organic Matter, and Horticultural Grit means our Tree & Shrub Mix is well supplied with organic matter to provide nutrients to aid healthy root and plant growth.  The added grit helps to keep pore spaces open for drainage and aeration.

The final blend is screened to 10mm, which ensures the product is friable and easy to use all year round.

• pH 8.0 - 8.5
• High organic content
• Full of nutrients & minerals
• Screened to 10mm
• Friable
• Contaminate free

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