Ericaceous ‘Elevated pH’ Topsoil

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  • Ericaceous ‘Elevated pH’ Topsoil

Ericaceous ‘Elevated pH’ Topsoil

Suitable for:
• Many Ericaceous/Acid-Loving Plants (subject to species requirements)
• Raised Beds & Planters
• Beds & Borders
• Prestigious Landscape Applications

Our Ericaceous ‘Elevated pH’ Topsoil is designed for species that prefer a pH of around 6.2. This topsoil is formulated using only natural materials, carefully selected, blended and screened to produce a premium quality topsoil. It’s worth noting that, unlike many commercial Ericaceous soils, this topsoil does not contain any pH lowering chemicals, which can be dangerous and yield limited and variable results.

Bury Hill Landscape Supplies Ericaceous ‘Elevated pH’ Topsoil is mostly compliant with the requirements of the British Standard for Topsoil, with the exception of the high sand content, slightly high pH value and low nitrogen result. Our soil scientist has confirmed that these non-compliances are considered minor, provided the high C:N ratio and low nitrogen value is addressed with an appropriate fertiliser and a free-draining topsoil is suitable for your project.

To address the high C:N (Carbon:Nitrogen imbalance) and low nitrogen, our soil scientist recommends applying and incorporating the compound, controlled release fertiliser: ICL Osmocote PrePlant (see below link in green: Bury Hill Ericaceous ‘Elevated pH’ Topsoil Accreditation).


Bury Hill Ericaceous ‘Elevated pH’ Topsoil is tested by the UK’s leading Soil Science and Landscape Engineering Consultants, Tim O’Hare Associates 

Bury Hill Ericaceous ‘Elevated pH’ Topsoil Accreditation

What is BS3882:2015?

What is Manufactured Topsoil

• Scientifically verified
• Screened to 10mm
• pH: 6.2 approx. (suitable for many but not all ericaceous/acid loving plants)
• Well supplied with organic matter
• Friable and easy to handle
• Contaminate free

Availability: Loose and Bulk Bags

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