Bury Hill Black (pH Neutral)

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Bury Hill Black (pH Neutral)

Suitable for:
• pH Neutral Planting
• Growing Vegetables & Fruit
• Flower Borders, Tree & Shrub Planting
• Raised Beds, Planters, Pots & Containers
• Allotments

‘Bury Hill Black’ is one of our most popular topsoils, suitable for a wide range of landscaping applications and one of the best growing products on the market.

A blend of naturally rich and fertile Fensoil, Ericaceous Soil and Organic Compost; our ‘Bury Hill Black’ is minimally processed and screened to 10mm, which gives you a high quality growing medium, which is peat free, fertile and friable.

The finished product is a balanced, neutral pH premium planting soil, which is high in organics and nitrogen and packed full of nutrients and natural minerals, which will provide the best possible start to all planting schemes, boosting plant growth and root development, making this product ideal for growing both vegetables and fruit as well as a wide range of plants and shrubs where a neutral pH soil is preferred.

‘Bury Hill Black’ is fully compliant with the British Standard for topsoil; BS3882:2015 and typically has a pH close to neutral, is virtually stone free and screened to 10mm, which provides a light, friable soil that is easy to work with.

Bury Hill Black is highly fertile and blended using 100% natural materials and as such, it’s not unusual for a small amount of native, non-invasive weeds to show when first used. The high organic content of this material makes it unsuitable for turfing or seeding.


Bury Hill Black Topsoil (pH Neutral) is certified for use as a BS3882:2015 Multi-Purpose Topsoil by the UK’s leading Soil Science and Landscape Engineering Consultants, Tim O’Hare Associates

Bury Hill Black Accreditation

What is BS3882:2015?

What is Manufactured Topsoil


• Scientifically verified
• British Standard: BS3882:2015
• Screened to 10mm
• Neutral pH 6.5 – 7.5 (typically low 7's)
• Balanced nutrients & minerals
• Friable and easy to handle
• Contaminate free

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