Woodland Mulch

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Woodland Mulch

• Mulching & Dressing Beds & Borders
• Creating Rustic Pathways & Seating Areas
• Tidying Rough Garden Areas
• Temporary Weather Surfacing
Blended to mimic a natural woodland floor, also referred to as the 'ground layer'. Bury Hill Woodland Mulch is an economical solution for mulching and dressing beds and borders and is also sometimes referred to as Woodchip. This product provides an attractive and effective natural weed suppressant whilst also aiding water retention.

Unlike freshly processed green woodchip, our Woodland Mulch is blended using quality woodchip mulches derived from the Arboricultural Industry and oversize composted PAS100, which is a bi-product of the professional composting industries. With a particle size ranging from 0-40mm, our Woodland Mulch will contain a moderate amount of fines which add to the products overall appearance and performance, mulching down over time, enriching the soil with vital natural nutrients and minerals.

Bury Hill Woodland Mulch is also widely used for creating natural pathways and rustic seating areas with the fines helping to bind the material together, creating a soft, rustic smooth pathway surface. In addition, our Woodland Mulch is also an economical product for blinding over wet and muddy areas when a temporary ground covering is required during wet periods.

• Tested In-House for suitability and performance.

Woodland Mulch Product Specification Sheet

• Responsibly sourced
• 100% British
• Mixed woodchip mulch and oversized PAS100
• Size: 0-40mm
• Percentage of fines: Up to 20%
• White Wood Content Appx 80%
• Longevity 2-3 years
• Ideal for mulching and dressing
• Free from pathogens, pests and weed seed
• Hostile living environment for pests
• Clean & free draining
• Good quality and great value
• Economical alternative to more expensive barks

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