Lawn Rootzone (S)

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Lawn Rootzone (S)

• High Use Lawns & Grass Areas
• Lawns with fast drainage requirements
• Lawns & Grass areas requiring a compaction resistant rootzone

Our Lawn Rootzone (S) has been designed for high-performance lawns and grass areas, which require good compaction resistance and high levels of drainage.

Laboratory testing confirms our Lawn Rootzone (S) is adequately supplied with both organic matter and nutrients. The saturated hydraulic conductivity of 161mm/hr recorded under a degree of consolidation is considered high and suitable for high performance / high use lawns and grass areas.

Fast draining soils such as our Lawn Rootzone (S) will be more demanding than general purpose soils with regards to watering for both initial establishment and the continued growth of the grass.

If you require a soil with reduced levels of drainage and therefore reduced levels of maintenance, you may wish to consider one of our Lawn Topsoils

Lawn Rootzone (S) is fully tested and accredited by the UK’s leading Soil Science and Landscape Engineering Consultants, Tim O’Hare Associates

Lawn Rootzone (S) Accreditation

Scientifically verified
Fast Draining
Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity: 161mm/hr
Sufficient Porosity Levels
Compaction Resistant
Adequately supplied with organic matter
Adequately supplied with nutrients
pH: 8.2
Screened to 10mm

Availability: Bulk Bags and Loose

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