AWF Poppy & Cornfield Mix

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AWF Poppy & Cornfield Mixture

Suitable for:

• Establishing traditional fields of annual wild flowers
• Attracting Bumble Bees & Pollinators
•A Wide Range of Soil Types

A popular annual mix bringing together all the elements of a traditional field of annual native wild flowers that together produce a stunning display of colour throughout the summer months.

Mixture Formulation:

100% Annuals UK Native

Pack Size: 0.5kg

Sowing Rate: 1-2g/m2

Sowing season: April to the end of May

Flowering season: Early summer to late summer

Please Note:
 Our Cornfield Annuals Mixture will only flower for one year and will require reseeding in the second year and beyond. To help ensure successful establishment, suitable ground preparation is required before sowing, all course grass & weeds must be removed to leave a clean soil bed to sow the seeds into.

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