Loose Load Deliveries


For customers requiring larger orders, an increasing number of our products are available for loose delivery throughout southern England and beyond. Where a product has a loose delivery option, this will be shown on the product page. Loose deliveries generally start at either 5 tons or 5 m3 depending on the product being purchased. To obtain a price for a loose delivery, enter the delivery postcode into the ‘Loose Postcode Box’ shown on the product page and select the quantity (tons/m3) required, the price will then be displayed against the various truck options, which will be selected automatically by the quantity and material required.
At this stage, you will have the opportunity to select the size of truck that is best suited to your access, please note that this might involve selecting multiple deliveries on a smaller truck to enable safe access before proceeding to the Checkout. If you are in any doubt about choosing the size of truck or unsure of the access, please do not hesitate to seek our advice, when we will be happy to help and advise you, as failed deliveries due to access issues will be the customers responsibility.
Please see the dimensions of our delivery vehicles below.

BHL Truck Sizes

• When ordering materials loose, customers must carefully consider the access to the chosen delivery point and the size of the delivery vehicle, which will be selected according to the quantity and type of material being ordered. For larger loads (over 10t/8m3) where access is restricted, we strongly suggest that customers select a smaller delivery truck, which will result in multiple deliveries, but possibly avoid a wasted journey and unnecessary costs which will be the responsibility of the customer.
• Access to the delivery premises must be on hard roads over which the delivery vehicle can pass without sustaining or causing damage of any kind. The accessway must also avoid low bridges and low overhead wires and trees. (Please refer to the delivery truck dimensions on the ‘Transport Methods’ page to view the various delivery vehicle sizes).
• Our delivery driver will endeavour to drop the delivery as close to the requested delivery point as possible. However, this will be dependent on safe, adequate access.
• When a customer requests that the delivery is to be within the perimeter of the delivery premises, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is adequate and safe vehicular access for the delivery vehicle to enter the premises. Furthermore, whilst the delivery driver will take all the necessary care and precautions to avoid causing damage whilst on the delivery premises, the customer accepts full responsibility for any damaged that might be caused as a direct result of the customer inviting the delivery vehicle onto the delivery premises to enable delivery to the customer's chosen delivery point.
• It is further agreed and understood that, at all times, it will be the delivery driver’s decision as to the safe, adequacy of the access and the delivery driver’s decision will be final.
• In the event of inadequate access onto the delivery premises or to the requested delivery point, the customer will accept delivery to the closest point possible or in the event of the delivery being refused, accept a ‘failed delivery charge’ which will include both the outward and return journey transport costs.
• Orders cannot be cancelled without incurring costs once goods have been dispatched. Please call us should you require further information.