Reclamation Seed Mix

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Reclamation Seed Mix

• Land Reclamation
• Low Maintenance
• Suitable for a Wide Range of Soil Types
• Preventing Soil Erosion
• Fast Establishment

Bury Hill Reclamation Seed Mixture comprises a ryegrass and fescue mix, making it  tolerant of a wide range of soil types. This low maintenance seed provides fast establishment and will help prevent soil erosion when sown correctly. Suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions, Bury Hill Reclamation Seed Mixture has been specially formulated for all types of land reclamation works.

This seed mix is recommended use in challenging environmental conditions and reclamation areas. Sowing Rate: 25-35g/m2


• Ryegrass mix which includes a wide range of species
• Ideal for land reclamation
• Suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions
• Low maintenance mix
• Suitable for a wide range of soil types
• Fast establishment
• Helps to prevent soil erosion
• Treated with HEADSTART® GOLD

Sowing Rate: 25-35g/m2
Cutting Height: 25mm

30% Masterpiece Tall Fescue
20% Venice Perennial Ryegrass
3% Alice White Clover
7% Highland Browntop Bent
25% Corail Strong Creeping Red Fescue
10% Trophy Chewings Fescue
5% Birdsfoot trefoil

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·      Bag Sizes: 20kg bags

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