Prize Lawn Seed Mix

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Prize Lawn Seed Mix

• Sowing Quality Lawns
• High Quality Landscape Areas
• Excellent Colour & Year Round Appearance

Bury Hill Prize Lawn is a superb ryegrass and fescue mixture suitable for all high quality lawns and landscape areas and is one of our best-selling ornamental seed mixtures. This lawn seed mix provides excellent all year round colour and appearance, producing a fine, dense sward which gives a good stripe when cut and offers good colour and wear tolerance.

Best used where a high-quality lawn with good appearance is required. Sowing Rate: 35-50g/m2

• Premium ryegrass landscaping seed mixture
• Excellent all year round appearance and colour
• Good wear tolerance
• Ideal for high quality lawns and landscape areas
• Treated with HEADSTART® GOLD

Sowing Rate: 35-50g/m2
Cutting Height: 13mm

30% Cyrena Perennial Ryegrass
20% Columbine Perennial Ryegrass
25% Caldris Chewings Fescue
20% Smirna Slender Creeping Red Fescue
5% Highland Browntop Bent

Purchasing Options
• Bag Sizes: 10kg & 20kg bags

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