Formal Seed Mix (without ryegrass)

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Formal Seed Mix (without ryegrass)

Suitable For:
• Creating Non-Ryegrass Lawns
• Fine Ornamental Appearance
• Dappled Light & Shaded Areas
• Areas Requiring Reduced Mowing

Bury Hill Formal Seed Mix is a non-rye grass, quality ornamental seed mixture for creating fine lawns and landscaped areas. The inclusion of rhizomatous grasses provides resistance and strength to the sward which helps to reduce mowing requirements as well as adding shade tolerance making it a good all round non-rye grass seed mixture for lawns, general landscape and shaded areas. Sowing Rate: 30-50g/m2

Key Features
• Non-ryegrass ornamental grass mixture
• Quick to establish
• Fine Fescues
• Suitable for Dappled Light and shaded Areas
• Low Maintenance and reduced mowing
• Treated with HEADSTART® GOLD

Sowing Rate: 30-50g/m2

Cutting Height:

Mixture Formulation

25% Caldris Chewings Fescue
70% Corail Slender Creeping Red Fescue
5% Highland Browntop Bent

Purchasing Options
• Bag Sizes: 2kg, 10kg & 20kg bags

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