Extensive Substrate BH-EX2

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Extensive Substrate BH-EX2

Suitable for:
• Extensive Green Roofs
• Bio-Diverse Greens Roofs
• Living Roofs and Eco Green Roofs
• Tested for compliance with BS8616:2019

Our Extensive Substrate BH-EX2 has been tested against BS8616:2019, which is the British Standard for Green Roof Substrates.  Please follow the green accreditation link below for the full report, which will provide you with the horticultural data and soil scientist’s notes to help you understand if this material is suitable for your project.

Benefits of Extensive Green Roofs

• Increasing habitat for wildlife
• Inception of rain water providing much needed relief for our drainage infrastructure
• Storage of rain water, which can be used as grey water for requirements such as toilet flushing
• Increasing the lifespan of your roof by protecting it from the elements
• Improving the thermal performance of buildings (protection from heat, insulation from cold)
• Providing a more aesthetically pleasing landscape for those living and working in high-rise buildings
• Improved air quality as vegetation traps dust particles
• Plants remove un-wanted carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis
• Cooling urban areas through evaporation of water from plants and the soils absorbing heat

Product Accreditation
Our Extensive Substrate BH-EX2 is tested by the STRI Group and the resulting data is reviewed and commented on by the UK’s leading Soil Science and Landscape Engineering Consultancy, Tim O’Hare Associates

Extensive Substrate BH-EX2 Accreditation

Key Features
• Scientifically verified
• Predicted density of saturated substrate total porosity: 1m3 = 1.3 tonnes approx.
• Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity: 17.4mm/minute (1044mm/hour)
• Organic Matter: 10.8%
• pH 7.6
• Peat Free
• Contaminate Free
• Supplied in crane certified bags (6:1 Multi Trip/Multi-Use)

Bulk Bags (Loose and Small Bags by arrangement)

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