0-6mm Green Granite Dust

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0-6mm Green Granite Dust
·       Laying Under Artificial Grass
·       All Landscape Sub-base Works
·       Levelling Slopes
Our Green Granite Dust is a gritty 0-6mm aggregate produced from natural green granite. It is a very pliable material making it an easy to work with medium that can be screed to a tight, smooth finish.
This material is extensively used  by the building trade to screed floors and for benching manholes but is also increasingly being used by landscapers as a base layer under artificial grass. The economy version of this material, which is widely used in the building industry, tends to be a natural grey colour but, as the name suggests, Bury Hill Green Granite Dust is green, having been produced from green granite, which allows it to blend  seamlessly into landscape environments, particularly when used for laying artificial grass.

·       Produced from established sustainable granite quarries

BHL 0/6mm Green Granite Dust Tech Sheet

·       Ideal for use under artificial turf
·       100% Natural Aggregate
·       Very hard wearing
·       Very Durable
·       Easy to install and screed
·       Very economical sub-base layer

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