Premium Maritime Pine Bark 8-15mm

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Premium Maritime Pine Bark 8-15mm

• Small Animal & Reptile Vivarium’s
• Use as a Fine Orchid Bark & Mulch
• Domestic & Commercial Uses
• Dressing Pots & Containers

Being unique to the European continent, we import our European Maritime Pine barks from Spain and Portugal where most of this special maritime pine coastal species is grown. Bury Hill Landscape Supplies are just one of a very small number of suppliers who import and sell this extremely high-grade and sort after European Maritime Pine Bark in the UK.

Bury Hill Maritime Pine Bark is a 100% pine bark product with minimal white wood and virtually no fines. This premium exotic decorative bark is the finest, purest bark we sell with a longevity that out-performs all other barks. The product is a deep rich reddish-maroon colour when first produced but this very special bark ages to a rich chestnut brown over time with red and maroon hues, making it unique in comparison to British grown barks adding a WOW factor to any high-end landscaping project.

Bury Hill Maritime Pine Bark is available in four grades, 8-15mm, 15-25mm, 25-45mm and 45mm+. Our premium Maritime Bark has been rigorously screened to ensure that the vast majority of elastic and stringy particles have been removed leaving a beautiful, clean, uniformed chipped material in four very distinct gradings to cover a multitude of requirements.

In order to  ensure that the bark is clear of all bugs and micro-organisms, all four grades of bark are fully steam sterilized prior to export making our two smaller grades, the 8-15mm and 15-25mm, an ideal choice  for use in small animal and reptile vivarium’s as the sterilization process ensures that no external pathogens or bugs are introduced into the enclosures. Bury Hill Maritime Pine Bark 8-15mm is also frequently used as an orchid bark and mulch and for dressing pots, containers and tree and shrub borders where a fine decorative appearance is required. Additionally, our 15-25mm and 25-45mm grades are also both ideal for use as high-quality play surfaces, being fully tested to BS EN 1177:2008.


• Highly attractive, exotic landscape dressing
• Ideal for Small Animal & Reptile Vivarium’s
• A Fine Orchid Bark & Mulch
• Responsibly sourced
• Safe and long-lasting premium bark
• 100% Maritime pine bark
• pH 4.5 – 5.5
• Particle Size: 8-15mm
• Minimal white wood
• Minimal fines
• Durability 4-6 years
• Resistant to frost
• Clean & non staining
• Easy to install and apply
• Free from pathogens, bugs, micro-organisms and weed seeds
• 100% organic, providing a pleasant aroma and dark colour
• Ages to a dark chestnut colour

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