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"fine quality compost."

Pat Fink North Cheam, Surrey
April 2019
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Logs & Kindling

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Brazier Smokeless Fuel
Hardwood Logs & Kindling
Coal and Smokeless Fuel

Nothing beats a crackling log fire on a cold winters night!

Brazier Smokeless Fuel


  • Open Fires
  • Multi-Fuel Stoves
  • Smokeless Zones
Brazier Smokeless Fuel
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We sell a selection of bagged hardwood logs and mixed logs, which are fully seasoned with our Hardwood Logs now kiln dried with a moisture content of around 20-25%, which makes them perfect for burning.
Additionally, we sell nets of kindling and small logs, firelighters and a selection of coal and smokeless fuels.
As a leading supplier of firewood throughout Surrey and the South East, Bury Hill Landscape Supplies has built its reputation over many years supplying quality logs from local sustainable woodland sources, which are suitable for open fires, stoves and chimineas. All our logs are fully seasoned for up to 3 years, depending on size and species. 
We sell three types of firewood; Our Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs which are fully seasoned and kiln dried with a moisture content of around 20-25%, making them perfect for burning in open fires and stoves. Cut to approximately 9”, our Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are supplied in large jumbo bulk bags, which provide a clean and easy delivery storage solution.  
Our hardwood/softwood mix of Jumbo Logs, which are ideal for large open fires. Our Jumbo Logs are cut to approximately 18” and supplied in large jumbo bulk bags.
We also offer a fully seasoned mix of Chestnut and Softwood logs, which have been specially blended for burning in multi-fuel stoves. Burning hotter and longer than any other wood, our Chestnut/Softwood mix is cut to approximately 9” and supplied in large jumbo bulk bags providing a clean and easy delivery storage solution.
Our fully seasoned mix of small softwood and hardwood briquettes, which have specifically been selected for burning in outdoor Chimineas. Known as our Chiminea Mix, these are also supplied in large jumbo bulk bags.
Additionally, we also sell dry ‘easy to light’ nets of kindling, firelighters and a selection of quality coal and smokeless fuels, all at very competitive prices. We also sell ‘handy’ nets of hardwood logs for customers who only require a few logs to burn with their coal.
Hardwood Logs & Kindling


  • Open Fires
  • Multi-Fuel Stoves
  • BBQ's
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Fire Pits
  • Chimineas


Hardwood Logs & Kindling
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Whilst many of our customers are happy to burn just our logs, some prefer to add a bed of coal or smokeless fuel to the fire, which will increase the intensity of the heat whilst also help to reduce the burn rate of the logs.

Our three most popular coals and fuels are all packed in 25kg clean hooded stretched pre-packed bags and include a Premium House Coal, which is a large natural coal and two smokeless fuels, a budget priced smokeless fuel known as Multi Heat and a premium quality smokeless fuel called Homefire. All are suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves and can be delivered as part of your log order, or separately when an order meets our minimum order criteria (see website for details). 

Mixed Logs

Additionally, we also sell nets of mixed logs for customers who like to add just a few logs to their coal fire. These are the same quality as our fully seasoned jumbo bags being a mix of hard and softwood, please see our Log Nets above for pricing details.
We sell a wide range of pre-packed Coals and Smokeless Fuels in a range of bag sizes, which are competitively priced and available for immediate delivery Nationwide. You can view our full list of coals and smokeless fuels by clicking here or by following the Coals & Smokeless Fuels link on the navigation page! 
For customers wanting to order smaller quantities of coal and smokeless fuel, orders of just 1 bag plus can be made, providing they are ordered with logs or another qualifying product which is being delivered within our 'FREE' delivery area (a qualifying product is a bulk bag of material i.e. logs or topsoil). Our three best selling coals and smokeless fuels are shown below.
To order larger quantities of coal or fuel, please click here, which will take you to our 'Coals & Smokeless Fuels' pages where you will be able to place your order. Single bag and smaller orders can be made below.
Coal and Smokeless Fuel


  • Open Fires
  • Multi-Fuel Stoves
  • Smokeless Zones
Coal and Smokeless Fuel
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