How to Lay Lawn Turf – A Comprehensive Guide

how to lay lawn turf

Creating a new look for your garden can be a hassle free process. If you start at the right time of year, and plan carefully, you can have a stunning outside space in no time. One of the elements that will instantly give your a fresh look is by laying new lawn turf. It’s a great option for families if you have children or pets and don’t want to keep them out of the garden while seed grows. It’s a slightly more expensive option than grass seed, but the results are instant. The aftercare is also less strenuous in that you don’t have to worry about weeds growing and ruining the look of your new garden. The experts at Bury Hill have written a comprehensive guide to lawn turf, to ensure you can have the lawn you’ve always wanted.

When is the best time to lay turf?

The best time of year to lay lawn turf is in the spring and mid autumn. For the best results soil should be warm and moist so autumn rain and april showers work well in creating the perfect conditions to lay it down. Of course if you are keen to get your new garden look outside of these seasons, then it is possible to lay lawn turf at any time of year, providing you ensure that the soil is kept in good condition and watered regularly so it doesn’t dry out and become loose. The summer season however is not a good time to lay the turf as warmer weather will mean the soil dries out putting stress on the turf meaning that it’s possible the roots will not take. Bury Hills drought turf is a good option if you plan to makeover your garden in drier weather as it is designed to require less water.

Where can you buy lawn turf?

Here at Bury Hill we sell quality lawn turf for all gardening and landscaping projects. Whatever the size and shape of your garden our expert team can advise on the best product for you. We specialise in lawn turf for domestic family lawns, parks, commercial and industrial use, as well as verges and amenity areas. It couldn’t be easier to buy your lawn turf from us. You can order directly from our website, and all our prices include delivery right to your door. Use our turf calculator to work out how much turf you need for your garden or landscaping project. All of our lawn turf is delivered direct from our cutters within 1 day ensuring you have the freshest lawn turf.

Preparing the soil

Preparing your soil in the best way is one of the most important steps if you want to achieve the best results for your lawn turf. To do this make sure the soil is devoid of any stones or weeds and loosen it with a fork so it is broken up and soft, with no lumps or hollows. For best results try to do this to a depth of around 25cm. Use a rake to even out the soil and ensure it is finely combed, then rake in a pre-turf fertilizer to ensure best possible growth. Our Pre-Turf fertilizer is very high quality and is easy to use.

How to lay lawn turf

laying your lawn turf

Once the soil has been prepared you can now go about laying the turf. Ensure you do this in several steps and take your time to make sure the turf is lying evenly and there are no gaps:


Firstly take a roll of turf and place it on the far edge or corner of your mapped out area. Gently unroll the turf being careful not to damage it. It is important to make sure each roll is positioned as close as it can be to the previous roll, do this while being mindful not to pull or stretch your turf. Whilst laying your turf it is a good idea to stand on boards as this will compress the turf into the soil as well as ensuring you don’t damage or indent it. Once you have laid all your turf and covered the desired area, use a roller to smooth it out. The next step is to simply trim the edges of your lawn with a sharp knife. Finally all that you need to do is then give your newly laid turf a good watering to ensure you achieve the best results.

Maintaining your grass

watering lawn turf

Aftercare is as important as preparing the soil and laying the lawn turf correctly. It is imperative to regularly water your lawn to ensure that it doesn’t dry out. Do this for at least 3-4 weeks, or more if the weather is particularly dry. Watering your grass regularly gives the roots the best chance of developing. Once your grass is 5 cm tall, and you have good weather conditions, you can start mowing your new lawn. Make sure you trim it lightly, with a sharp bladed mower, cutting to around 2.5 cm.



Re-designing your garden is a hugely satisfying project. At Bury Hill we have great quality lawn turf available for all purposes, simply get in touch with one of our dedicated team members for more information or a free quote.