How To Sow Grass Seed – A Complete Guide

how to sow grass seedsIf you are looking to spruce up your garden, a new lawn is a fantastic place to start. Creating it from grass seed is a straightforward and inexpensive process and will give you great satisfaction as you see your new lawn begin to take shape. Grass seed can be used to create a whole new lawn, or simply to fill in areas that have become sparse and patchy. Make sure you choose the correct type of seed for your garden, there are many different types of grass seed to choose from depending on the type of project. Here at Bury Hill we sell a range of mixes, including a grass seed that works particularly well in shaded conditions, making it perfect for the bottom of trees and shrubs.

When is a good time to sow grass seed?

For the best results sow your grass seed from late summer up until the middle of autumn. At this time of year the soil is still warm but also moist from the rain, which are the best conditions for your seeds to take. Keeping the soil moist is imperative, if you can’t wait to sow your seeds then early to mid spring (i.e. March, April, May) are still acceptable times of year, providing you make sure that you water your lawn regularly and the soil stays damp. If the weather is unseasonably hot and dry however, we wouldn’t recommend sowing your grass seed. The hotter summer months are not a good time of year either as it is more than likely your grass seed will simply dry up and never take off.

Where can you buy grass seed?

Here at Bury Hill we sell grass seed for all gardening and landscaping projects. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to advise you on what type of seed you need to achieve the best results in your garden. Bury Hill is a main distributor for Limagrain Uk – The largest seed development company in Europe. We have grass seed available for sports pitches, amenity, domestic, livestock and wildflower meadows. Ordering couldn’t be easier. Simply go to our website and select the type of seed you need for your project – all prices include delivery to your postcode.

Preparing the soil for seeding

It is important to ensure you thoroughly prepare your soil before sowing the grass seed. To do this, firstly make sure that all weeds and stones have been removed. Rake through the soil aiming to get it loose and fine, to a depth of around 25cm. Once you have done this, carefully tread on the soil to flatten and firm it, then, a couple of days before you plan to sow the seed use a granular fertiliser. Alternatively you could simply buy some of our Bury Hill GP10, premium grade topsoil, which is perfect for seeding.scattering grass seed

How to sow grass seed

Once your soil is ready, it is now time to sow your grass seed. To do this you firstly need to mark out the area where you are sowing, you can use stakes to do this. Then begin to sow the seeds by walking up and down the area in parallel rows, scattering the seed evenly. To make life easier and ensure an even spread you could use a spreader (make sure this is set to the right spreader rate before you begin though!). Once you have covered the entire area simply repeat the process, this time walking in parallel columns to ensure the entire area has been covered. Then Rake the soil you have just seeded, ensuring a thin layer covers the seed. The final step is to give your seed a good watering, after that you are done!

Maintaining your grassgrass seed maintenance

It is important to protect your newly sown seeds from any damage. For best results stretch fruit netting over the seeded area – this will keep it safe from birds. Make sure that people stay off the area as treading on it could damage the seeds and prevent them from growing. Keep the soil moist by watering twice a day or more if the weather is hot and dry. Also keep an eye out for any weeds and remove these so they don’t interfere with the growth of your seeds. When your grass is 5cm tall then you can start mowing, ensuring there are dry conditions before doing so. Cut the grass to 2.5 cm (1 inch).


Growing a new lawn is a great way to give your garden a fresh new look. At Bury Hill we have a wide selection of grass seeds available for all purposes, be it small gardens to sports pitches. Our team will be more than happy to help advise on the best type of grass seed for your project, simply contact us for more information or for a free quote.