Washed Tree-Pit Subsoil

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I am delighted at the dryness of the wood ....
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Washed Tree-Pit Subsoil

• Tree Pit Subsoil Layer
• Tree Planting in Urban Landscapes
• Podiums & High Use Grass Lawns

Our Washed Tree Pit Subsoil is ideal for use in tree pits where it will help to prevent compaction around trees planted in urban environments. Classed as a ‘medium sand’ with a single grain structure and alkaline pH of 7.5, our Washed Tree Pit Subsoil has a medium sand percentage of 49%, which makes it ideal for a wide range of landscape applications where a free draining subsoil is required and is particularly suited for use as a subsoil layer for tree pits. Brownish yellow in colour with a total sand content of 98% with 2% fines, this subsoil has a narrow particle size distribution with a predominance of medium sand (0.25-0.50mm) and coarse sand (0.5-1.0mm). The sand texture creates a free-draining subsoil which offers good porosity and high permeability at 325mm/hr when in a compacted state.

This free draining, compact resistant subsoil is ideal for a wide range of landscape applications including planting larger root-balled trees, podium landscapes, or formal/high-use grass lawns. Further uses include filter medium for bioretention systems and rain gardens (ref SuDS).

• Our Washed Tree Pit sand is Fully Tested and Accredited by Tim O’Hare Associates for use as a Washed Tree Pit Subsoils

Washed tree Pit Subsoil Accreditation

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