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Topsoil Calculator

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How much Topsoil do I need?


One of the most important and commonly asked questions when planning a landscaping or gardening project is “How much topsoil will I need?”. At Bury Hill our premium grade topsoils are blended using high quality natural soils, specialist selected sands, grits and organic compost. All of our topsoils are tested to the highest level, with our certifications exceeding the British standard requirement.


Using our Topsoil Calculator

All of our Topsoil is delivered in large bulk bags and is calculated in tons. Use our topsoil calculator below to calculate how many bags you will need to order for your landscaping project.

Topsoil Calculator

WIDTH (in meters)
LENGTH (in meters)
DEPTH (in centimeters)




Bury Hill’s Premium Grade Topsoil:


Bury Hill Black


A rich fertile premium grade blended soil suitable for all planting and landscaping projects. Bury Hill Black is a high quality loam, blended from rich Norfolk topsoil and peat-free organic fen compost. Bury Hill Black is a very fine soil which allows it to work well even in wet conditions due to its free draining texture.


Ideal for:

Bury Hill Black


  • Flower Beds

  • Vegetable Gardens

  • Tree & Shrub Planting

  • Raised Beds

  • Prestigious Landscape Developments


Ericaceous Loam


Our Ericaceous Loam is a blended lime free soil, ideal for acid loving plants, trees and shrubs. This soil is 100% natural allowing the soils organic nature to help promote microbial activity, encouraging better plant growth. Typically the PH or our Ericaceous soil is between 5 and 6.


Ideal for:

Bury Hill Ericaceous Loam


  • Acid Loving Plants

  • Ericaceous Trees & Shrubs





Bury Hill GP10


Our GP10 is a high quality blended sandy loam. GP10 is used extensively for contract applications where first class outcome is paramount. Our GP10 is blended using local topsoils, sands and a small amount of organic soil conditioner.


Ideal for:


Bury Hill GP10

  • Seeding

  • Turfing

  • Levelling Uneven Lawns

  • Contract Planting

  • General Landscaping Application


Planting Loam


Our Planting Loam is a locally produced version of the Bury Hill Black. This topsoil is cheaper priced and ideal for all landscaping projects, planting flowers and vegetable gardens. Our Planting loam meets and exceeds the British standards as it has a very low stone content and is screened to 10mm.


Ideal for:

Bury Hill Planting Loam


  • Flower Beds
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Tree & Shrub Planting
  • Raised Beds
  • Prestigious Landscape Developments


Find our more information on Topsoil Delivery.

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