Buckingham Rose Blend

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  • Buckingham Rose Blend
Buckingham Rose Blend

Suitable for:
•    Use in Rose Beds and Rose Gardens
•    Raised Beds & Planters
•    Beds & Borders
•    Filling Pots & Containers
•    Prestigious Landscape Applications

As the name suggests, our NEW Buckingham Rose Blend has been developed in conjunction with Tim O'Hare Associates and the Royal Household especially for the rejuvenation of the Buckingham Palace gardens historic Rose beds.

Created from a very special blend of natural clay loam, Norfolk fen soils, organic composts and Cornish Horticultural grits. which have all been blended to exacting percentages and when combined, create a pH neutral, rich clay loam soil which has good drainage and a perfect balance of nutrients and minerals.

Typically referred to as a Clay Loam, our Buckingham Rose Blend is ideal for a wide range of landscape uses and in particular for all rose bed planting applications

Tested by the UK’s leading soil scientist to BS3882:2015, our Buckingham Rose Blend fully conforms to the British Standard.

• Fully meets BS3882:2015

Buckingham Rose Blend Accreditation

BS 3882:2015 is the British Standard Specification for “Topsoil and Requirements for Use” in the UK.

What is BS3882:2015?

What is Manufactured Topsoil

• Scientifically verified
• 100% Natural
• High Organic Matter
• Naturally pH neutral
• Full of available nutrients & minerals
• Fully compliant to industry standards and beyond
• Contaminate free
• Screened to 10mm
• Friable
• Moderate drainage
• Good water retention
• Easy to use
• No additional compost required
• Non manure based
• Aminopyralid free
• Suitable for immediate use and planting

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