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Soil Conditioner

Let's See What We Have Here

A great peat substitute, our Soil Conditioner is a natural organic material derived from 5 year old compost, which is ideal for improving all types of soils, breaking up heavy wet clay soils and for mulching beds and borders.

How is our organic soil conditioner made?

Dark rich in colour with a PH close to neutral, BH Soil Conditioner is produced using 5 year old composted green waste material which is screened to 10mm, the finished material is very friable making it easy to rake and spread giving an excellent overall dark appearance to beds and borders. With good nutrient values and water retaining properties to promote strong root growth, the composting process renders it a safe sterile and stable material which helps replenish the humus content in your soil, giving long term increased fertility making it particularly good where strong healthy plant growth is needed such as in vegetable beds and flower borders.

BH Soil Conditioner


  • Soil Improvement
  • Rose Beds
  • Tree & Shrub Planting
  • Breaking Up Heavy Soils
  • Mulching

BH Soil Conditioner
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