GP10 Sandy Loam

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GP10 Sandy Loam

• Seeding
• Turfing
• Repairing Uneven Lawns
• Contract & General Landscaping Applications

Bury Hill GP10 is a premium, fully certified fine clay sandy loam which has been specifically blended for turfing and seeding and is an ideal soil for creating lawns as well as general landscaping uses where a soil with more body is required.

Blended using a high specification clay loam, selected single source inert sands and a small balanced percentage of PAS100 organic compost (the British Standard for composts), the end product has a lot more body than the markets basic sand and compost mixes, which provides a material that can be sufficiently compacted to ensure that it will not sink in wet conditions whilst also providing a solid anchor for roots structures.

The key material in our GP10 is the fine clay loam, which helps improve water retention whilst providing the required balance of minerals and nutrients for strong healthy root growth. The addition of selected sands and the correct percentage of organic matter aids both the drainage and soils aeration whilst increasing the soils fertility and when combined with the clay loam creates a friable, good draining clay sandy loam which is easy to work and rake even in wet conditions.

This premium soil is designed to help promote a vibrant, healthy green lawn with the end product screened to 10mm to ensure minimum stone content. Whilst Bury Hill GP10 is a great product for turfing or seeding a new lawn from scratch, it should be noted that this material is not suitable for over-seeding existing lawns, where a finer Top Dressing, Lawn Repair Mix or 5mm Rootzone would be more appropriate (please refer to our ‘Dressings, Rootzones & Renovation Mixes’ product section for further details).

One of our best-selling topsoils, we typically hold 1000 tons of Bury Hill GP10 in stock at any time, allowing us to react promptly to volume requirements.
Bury Hill GP10 is tested and fully accredited by the UK’s leading soil scientist to BS3882:2015.

• Fully meets  BS3882:2015 (The British Standard for topsoil)

GP10 Accreditation

• Fully conforms to the Guidance in NHBC Standards Plus 2021.

BS 3882:2015 is the British Standard Specification for “Topsoil and Requirements for Use” in the UK.

What is BS3882:2015?

What is Manufactured Topsoil

•Scientifically verified
• Balanced pH 8.0–8.5
• Controlled organic content
• Balanced nutrients & minerals
• Fully compliant to industry standards and beyond
• Contaminate free
• Screened to 10mm
• Friable
• Free draining
• Easy to use
• No additional compost recommended
• Peat Free
• Non manure based
• Aminopyralid free
• Suitable for immediate planting

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