Bury Hill Topdress 60/40 3mm

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Top Dressing (60/40) 3mm


• Bowling Greens & Golf Tees
• Dressing Ornamental Lawns
• Treatment following Scarification & Hollow Tining
• Over Seeding
• Prestigious Grass Surfaces
• Sports Pitches

We provide a range of 3mm Bury Hill Top Dressings which are suitable for both domestic and professional use. These screened, moisture-controlled sand/compost dressings are available in three different sand/compost percentage blends, a 60/40, 70/30 and 80/20 (note: the sand content percentage always precedes the compost percentage).

The Bury Hill range of top dressings are moisture-controlled (our dressings are not kiln dried) and blended using selected sports sands and premium grade organic PAS100 compost making them ideal for improving drainage and increasing organics, nutrients and minerals in fine lawns whilst helping to create and maintain a healthy, smooth lawn when used seasonally.

Our 3mm Bury Hill Top Dressings are double wrapped and fully sealed giving 100% weather protection. Free-flowing, these dressings can be spread by hand or through a suitable drop spreader. We do, however, advise caution if using a drop spreader as some mechanical spreaders may be inclined to block. All our dressings are supplied in jumbo 1000kg bags for better value.

2kg per m2 for a light dressing
4kg per m2 for a medium dressing
6kg per m2 for a heavy dressing


• All Bury Hill Top Dressings are fully tested at source for appropriate use.

• Scientifically verified
• Balanced pH 6.5 – 7.0
• Natural organic content
• Balanced nutrients & minerals
• Fully compliant to industry standards and beyond
• Contaminate free
• Screened to 3mm
• Free draining
• Free flowing
• Easy to use
• No additional compost required
• Peat Free
• Non manure based
• Aminopyralid free
• Suitable for immediate use

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