Premium SS Subsoil

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changed the garden considerably...for the better
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Premium SS Subsoil

• A Wide Range of General Landscaping Uses
• Alkaline Loving Plants, Trees & Shrubs

A free draining subsoil that largely conforms to the British Standard for Subsoil (BS8601:2013) table 1 Multipurpose Subsoil. Our SS Subsoil is a strongly alkaline subsoil with a pH of 8.4, making this subsoil ideal for general landscaping purposes where a high alkaline soil is preferred.
Our Premium SS Subsoil is best described as a strongly alkaline, non-saline sand with a single grain structure, high drainage rate and low stone content. Consisting of a light sandy texture, with a predominance of medium sand (0.25-0.50mm) and coarse sand (0.50-1.0mm), this sand texture has a high saturated conductivity of 135mm/hr, which is ideal where a free-draining subsoil with a lower moisture retention is preferred. Please note that the particle size distribution falls slightly outside the range indicated in BS8601:2013 – Figure 1, on account of the high sand content.

• Fully Tested and Accredited by Tim O’Hare Associates for use as a Washed Tree Pit Subsoil

Premium SS Subsoil Accreditation

What is Manufactured Topsoil

• Highly Alkaline Subsoil
• Alkaline pH 8.4
• Medium/Coarse Sand Texture
• Narrow Particle Size Distribution
• Low Fines Content
• High Drainage Rate
• Low contamination risk

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