Medium Washed Silica Sand (E)

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Medium Washed Silica Sand (E)

Suitable for:
• Tree Pit Subsoil Layer
• Podium Landscapes
• Bioretention Systems
• Rain Gardens
• Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
• Subsoil Layer for Formal & High-Use Grass Lawns

Our Medium Washed Silica Sand (E) is classed as a ‘medium sand’ with a single grain structure and alkaline pH of 7.5. Similar to our Medium Coarse Washed Silica Sand (D) with the exception of a higher medium sand percentage at 49%, this subsoil is ideal for a wide range of landscape applications where a free draining sand is required and is particularly suited for use as a subsoil layer for tree pits. A brownish yellow in colour with a total sand content of 98% with 2% fines, this subsoil has a narrow particle size distribution with a predominance of medium sand (0.25-0.50mm) and coarse sand (0.5-1.0mm). The sand texture creates a free-draining subsoil offering good porosity and high permeability at 325mm/hr when in a compacted state.

This free draining, compact resistant subsoil is ideal for a wide range of landscape applications including planting larger root-balled trees, podium landscapes, or formal/high-use grass lawns. Further uses include filter medium for bioretention systems and rain gardens (ref SuDS).

• Tested to the British Standard for Subsoil (BS8601:2013) table 1
• Fully Tested and Accredited by Tim O’Hare Associates for use as a Washed Tree Pit Subsoil and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

BHLS Med Washed Grade E Sand

What is Manufactured Topsoil

Key Facts

• Narrow particle size distribution
• Low Fines Content
• High Drainage Rate
• Compaction Resistant
• Alkaline pH 7.5
• Low lime content
• Low contamination risk

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