BS Subsoil

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Suitable for:
• Wide Range of BS Subsoil Applications
• Acidic Subsoil Applications

A multi-purpose subsoil that fully conforms to the British Standard for Subsoil (BS8601:2013) table 1 Multipurpose Subsoil.
Slightly acidic with a pH of 6.2, this subsoil is best described as a non-saline sandy loam with a single grain structure and low stone content. A brownish yellow (Munsell Colour 10Yr 6/6), slightly moist, friable, non-calcareous sandy loam, our BS Subsoil has a fine/medium sand texture with a narrow particle size distribution and large proportion of fine sand (0.15-0.25mm) and medium sand (0.25-0.50mm) particles.
Classed as ‘moderate drainage’, our BS Fine/Medium Subsoil is suitable for a wide range of general landscaping applications, which include tree and shrub planting as well as amenity grasses.

• Fully compliant with the requirements of the British Standard for Subsoil (BS8601:2013) table 1 Multipurpose Subsoil
• Fully Tested and Accredited by Tim O’Hare Associates for use as a Subsoil

BS Subsoil Accreditation

What is Manufactured Topsoil

Key Facts
• Tested to (BS8601:2013) table 1 Multipurpose Subsoil
• Single Grain Structure
• Moderate Drainage
• Fine/Medium Sand Texture
• Low Percentage of Organic Matter (0.8%)
• Slightly Acidic pH 6.2
• Low Contamination Risk

Availability: 0.7m3 bags and Loose only

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