Well-Rotted Horse Manure

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Well-Rotted Horse Manure

• Breaking Up Heavy Soils
• Dressing & Mulching Beds & Borders
• Growing & Mulching Roses
• Increasing Organic Matter
• Improving Soil Structure & Stability
• Increasing Water Retention & Aeration

Highly recommended for use throughout the garden and, particularly for Roses, our Horse Manure is a well-rotted, nutrient rich material sourced from known and trusted stables. The product is derived from natural wood shavings and mature organic stable manure and has absolutely minimal weed seed content whilst our composting methods ensure that Bury Hill Horse Manure is also free of pests and pathogens with minimal odour.

Being a well-rotted material, our Horse Manure contains a wide range of natural vitamins and essential minerals which aid strong and healthy root and plant growth. Because this product is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, Bury Hill Horse Manure is suitable for use throughout the garden as a soil conditioner, dressing and mulch and is recommended for multiple planting applications but especially for use on rose beds.

Whilst horse manures generally have a naturally high alkaline pH of 8.5 plus, when used as a soil improver, the horse manure compost is likely to have a slightly acidifying effect on the soil due to the high ammonia content present.

For general use in the garden, we recommend spreading a 50mm layer of horse manure over the area to be treated before forking or rotavating into the soil. Where there is a need to boost nutrient levels in nutrient deprived soil, we recommend increasing the manure layer to 75mm.

Please Note: This product is not suitable for potting or seeding where, for such applications we  recommend using our Multi-Purpose Compost or John Innes products. This material contains minimal weed seeds.

• Tested in-house for appropriate use.

• Quality verified
• High Alkaline pH 8.5 plus
• Peat free
• Well-rotted
• Minimal odour
• Ideal for breaking up heavy soils
• Great for improving sandy soils
• Increases organic matter in soils
• Improves moisture retention
• Increases aeration
• Packed full of nutrients & minerals
• Contains no pests or pathogens
• Virtually weed free
• Very economical
• Easy to use
• Aminopyralid free
• Suitable for immediate use

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