Soil Conditioner & Mushroom Compost Mix (50:50)

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Soil Conditioner & Mushroom Compost Mix (50:50)


• Breaking Up Heavy Clay Soils
• Enriching Raised Beds & Flower Borders
• Improving Undernourished Soils
• Boosting Nitrogen, Nutrients & Phosphates
• Adding Organic Matter
• Increasing Aeration in Soils
• Improving Water Retention
• A Wide Range of Gardening Uses

Our two best selling organic composts: the benefits of Organic Soil Conditioner and Organic Mushroom Compost are well known but, when these two great composts are blended together, the benefits become even greater producing a multi-purpose compost that has both body and the necessary nutrients and minerals to create a super compost blend, providing customers with a truly versatile compost and mulching product.

Produced using only natural composted organic materials which are contaminate free, our Organic Soil Conditioner is fully certified to BSI PAS100:2018 (the British Standard for composted materials). It is a friable, dark, rich, fine compost packed full of natural nutrients and minerals which will slowly release into the soil over time, greatly improving the natural properties and performance of the soil.

In turn, our spent mushroom compost is derived from organic local mushroom farms and is a great natural soil improver which is excellent for breaking up heavy clay soils, adding organic matter to inert sandy soils and for mulching vegetable beds and flower borders.

Packed full of nutrients and richer in organic matter than either horse manure or mushroom compost, the one limiting factor of our super fine soil conditioner is its lack of body. In turn, whilst our Organic Mushroom Compost has considerably more body, being produced from a mix of peat and well-rotted straw blended with either aged chicken or horse manure, it is a spent product which lacks the high nutrient levels and minerals found in soil conditioner.

Our resolution to these issues has been to create a 50:50 blend of each product which, when combined, has the necessary body and nutrients required to create a new super composting mulch. The combination of these products naturally improves the chemical and physical properties and long-term performance of soils whilst significantly increasing organic matter and improving water retention whilst naturally boosting nutrient and nitrogen levels, enhancing and restoring the natural structure and stability of the soil.

For general soil improvement, spread a 50mm layer of our blended Soil Conditioner and Mushroom Compost over the area to be treated and fork or rotavate it into the soil. For extremely poor or nutrient starved soils, consideration should be given to increasing the application to 75mm or even 100mm. This super compost mix can assist in restoring the natural balance of soils, encouraging a healthy growing environment in which plants can thrive.

• Tested in-house fully meeting the Multi-Purpose Compost criteria

• Scientifically verified
• Balanced pH 7.0 - 8.0
• Ideal for breaking up heavy clay soils
• Great for improving sandy soils
• Ideal for dressing & mulching
• High in rich organic matter
• Improves moisture retention
• Increases aeration
• Packed full of nutrients & minerals
• Slowly releases nitrogen in the soil
• Perfect for adding to all types of soil
• Sustainably sourced
• Fully compliant to industry standards and beyond
• Free flowing
• Virtually weed free
• Contaminate Free
• Very economical
• Easy to use
• Peat Free
• Non manure based
• Steam treated & Aminopyralid free
• Suitable for immediate use

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