Organic Soil Conditioner

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Organic Soil Conditioner

• Enriching Raised Beds & Flower Borders
• Improving Undernourished Soils
• Boosting Nitrogen, Nutrients & Phosphates
• Adding Organic Matter
• Increasing Aeration
• Improving Water Retention

Our Organic Soil Conditioner is guaranteed to be Peat Free. This finely screened Organic Soil Improver is one of our most popular composted products and it is produced using only natural composted organic materials which are contaminate free.

Fully certified to BSI PAS100:2018 (the British Standard for composted materials), our Organic Soil Conditioner is a friable, dark, rich, fine compost packed full of natural nutrients and minerals which will slowly release into the soil over time, greatly improving the natural properties and performance of the soil.

This material is richer in Organic matter than either horse manure or mushroom compost and is finely screened to 10mm making this material easy to work with. Bury Hill Organic Soil Conditioner has an Alkaline pH and this naturally composted organic material is a superb medium for improving all types of soils, and particularly heavy clay soils and sandy loams.

Utilisation of this product will significantly increase the organic matter in the soil and improve water retention whilst naturally boosting nutrient and nitrogen levels and enhancing and restoring the structure and stability of the soil.

For general soil improvement, spread a 50mm layer of Bury Hill Organic Soil Conditioner over the area to be treated and fork or rotavate it into the soil. For extremely poor or nutrient starved soils, consideration should be given to increasing the application to 75mm or even 100mm. Bury Hill Organic Soil Conditioner can assist in restoring the natural balance of soils and encourages a healthy growing environment in which plants can thrive.

Please Note: Bury Hill Organic Soil Conditioner is a very rich compost and it should be mixed with soil prior to planting. It is not a suitable medium for the potting or seeding of young plants and we would not recommend it’s use for this purpose or for utilisation as a direct growing solution as results may vary significantly. In these instances, we would recommend use of either our Multi-Purpose or John Innes Composts.

Bury Hill Organic Soil Conditioner is a bi-product of the green waste industry and whilst we only source our Soil Conditioner from known, trusted sources who test the material regularly to BSI PAS100:2018, Bury Hill Landscape Supplies does not produce the Soil Conditioner directly and, as such, cannot guarantee the ingredient, chemical or nutrient composition found in the compost.

Soil Conditioner is a product derived from naturally composted green waste materials which have reached critical temperatures during the composting process, killing the vast majority of weed seed. On very rare occasions this product can contain trace amounts of plastics which is unavoidable as it can happen as a direct consequence of the Green Waste process.

Fully Certificated to BSI PAS100:2018

Organic Soil Conditioner Accreditation BSI PAS100

• Scientifically verified
• Balanced pH 8.0 – 8.5
• Ideal for dressing & mulching
• High in rich organic matter
• Improves moisture retention
• Increases aeration
• Packed full of nutrients & minerals
• Slowly releases nitrogen
• Perfect for adding to all types of soil
• Sustainably sourced
• Fully compliant to industry standards and beyond
• Finely Screened to 10mm
• Free flowing
• Virtually weed free
• Contaminate Free
• Very economical
• Easy to use
• Peat Free
• Non manure based
• Aminopyralid free
• Suitable for immediate use


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