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B.S. Certification details

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Much of the topsoil sold today is derived from 'multi sources' and typically produced from 'recycled waste materials'. Whilst these soils can be blended to meet current British Standards, they can also contain hidden contaminants, which BS 3882 does not specifically test for.

Produced from 'multi sourced' materials, the resultant blended soils are not always right for the intended use. For example, topsoil intended for turfing and seeding is ideally free draining and very different to that required for say growing flowers and vegetables, which requires a high percentage of organic matter. In contrast wild flowers require a low fertility soil whilst acid loving plants such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas require a topsoil which has a low PH.

Our Testing EXCEEDS the British Standard Requirement!
Whilst BS 3882:2007 sets a minimum standard for topsoil's that are sold today, the standard only tests to multipurpose use. At Bury Hill Landscape Supplies we believe that the topsoil you buy should be free from contaminants and moreover be suitable for the intended use. As such we test our topsoils to a far higher level than BS 3882:2007, which includes specific tests for Asbestos and Knotweed, which most companies simply do not test for.

You will see from our certification, that in addition to the BS 3882 required test results, which are shown on the various analysis in black, we test for heavy metals, sulphates, sulphurs and sulphides, cyanide and phenols, speciated PAHs, aromatic and aliphatic TPH, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and eylene (BTEX) as well as asbestos and knotweed. All testing over and above BS 3882 are shown in blue on the certificates.

Who Tests our Soils and Materials?
We are proud to state that we exclusively work with Tim O'Hare Associates who undertake all our topsoil and material testing. Whilst Tim O'Hare Associates are regarded as one of the countries leading soil and landscape consultancy's, Tim O'Hare also sits on the British Standards Institute working group and was involved in re-writing the British Standard for Topsoil (BS3882:2007).

Below you will find a list of our primary certificated topsoils and materials with up to date analysis.

We test all our other products to the relevant BS standards (where applicable) and further details can be found on the individual product pages.



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