Bury Hill Gardening Calendar – February Gardening Tips

February Garden - s[ring shoots and frost

February gardening tips

Spring is round the corner…

February should see the first glimmers of spring around the corner, and is a time where you can get busy in the garden preparing for the warmer weather. This is a perfect time to get those clippers out and prune hedges, shrubs and climbers.

What to do in the garden in February

Plants and Flowers

Plant any new bulbs that will flower in spring, such as snowdrops and daffodils.


Check on fruit trees and protect any early blossoms from the cold in order to get the best crop possible come summer. These early stages are crucial for making sure your fruiting plants are successful.


Get your vegetable plot ready by turning over the soil and adding a good compost or mulch. Sow your vegetable seeds but also cover them to protect them from the cold. This will have the added benefit of shielding your plants from insects and critters that might want to eat them before you get a chance!

 Top 5 February Gardening Tasks

  • Get pruning – cut back evergreen hedges, winter flowering shrubs and climbers.
  • Invest in nets to cover your young vegetable crops, protecting them from wily birds.
  • Remove any old deciduous grass from your garden.
  • Cover fruit trees to protect them from the cold.
  • Chit potato tubers.

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