How To Use Decorative Stones To Enhance Your Garden

Decorative stones for gardens

Spruce up your garden this summer with decorative stones!

Decorative stones can be a fantastic way to give your garden a quick makeover, and there are a huge number of different styles to choose from. This quick and simple garden fix can help give your garden a newly landscaped feel, no matter how big or small your outside space is.

Decorative stones can add a different layer to your gardens look, they provide textural interest and can create a sense of space, divide areas, or lead they eye in a certain direction. Garden stones create contrast and depth and work wonderfully with gardens which are bursting with colour and foliage, creating a rustic yet modern look.

So just what can you do with decorative stones?

Here are some ideas:

Create A Garden Path

Landscaping stones can be wonderful for creating a garden path which can cleverly elongate your garden, and guide visitors to different sections within it.

Larger paving stones are an ideal safe flat service if you want to place pot plants, garden furniture or even a fire pit or barbecue on them. Smaller stones can also create a textured, striking look – coloured granite can work well for this.

Garden Gravel

Garden gravel can be a fantastic low-maintenance alternative to a lawn or driveway which requires regular watering and maintenance.

Coloured slate can provide an interesting alternative to the usual grey coloured driveway and can really set off brightly coloured plants and flowers in your garden, either side of the pathway, or even as a flattering contrast to the exterior of your house.

Ponds or Water Features

Decorative stone can work well as a border for a water feature or garden pond.

Using decorative stone around the edges of a water feature draws attention to it and also clearly marks its edges – which of course is useful too!

You can also use garden stones such as natural cobbles to enhance water gardens – the water trickling over the stones brings the countryside right to your doorstep!

Flowerbeds and Planters

Garden stone can also be used to create stunning contrast in your flowerbeds and planters. Softer chippings often work best here such as Cotswold Buff which has a creamy white colour, and looks wonderful against vibrant greens of plants and foliage and bright and colourful flowers too.

Rock Gardens

Give your garden a Zen-like feel and create your very own rock garden.  Pebbles, stones and boulders all can be used to create different shapes, shades and textures in your rock garden. The best rock gardens are a feast for the eyes and combine a variety of plants flowers, and mosses as well as fine pebbles, and colourful stones.

Using stones in your garden can create a number of wonderful effects, refreshing your outside space with the minimum of hassle or maintenance needed.

At Bury Hill we have a fantastic range of decorative gardens stones and chippings which are naturally hard-wearing so perfect for driveways, paths and patio areas, as well as for mulching and dressing flowerbeds and planters. If you would like some advice on what kind of decorative stones will work best for your garden give our friendly team a call on 01306877540 – we’d be happy to help!