Bury Hill Gardening Calendar – December Gardening Tips

December gardening calendar

December gardening tips

Will we see snow this year? 

In December we can expect plenty of frost, cold rain, even sleet and hail, and of course beautiful winter snow too! The December days are very short and with the temperatures falling you’ll no doubt be glad to hear that December can be a quiet month in the garden – however there is still some work to do!

What to do in the garden in December

Plants and Flowers

Take care not to over water your houseplants – however if you have the heating on make sure that they don’t dry out. Clip acers, birches and vines at the beginning of the month to prevent bleeding.


Now is the time to check on open-grown apples and pears and prune back where necessary.


Your veggie garden just keeps on giving! Seasonal treats such as leeks, parsnips, and of course the humble sprout should be in abundance now.

 Top 5 gardening tasks for December

  • Make sure any structures set up to protect your garden are securely in place – check on them regularly, particularly after adverse weather.
  • Make sure your greenhouse heaters are functioning correctly
  • Check your pond daily to ensure it doesn’t freeze over. Also insulate outdoor taps otherwise they could freeze and get blocked too.
  •  Take hardwood cuttings of climbers and fruit trees.
  • Grow herbs such as basil and coriander on the windowsill.

For helpful tips and advice throughout the year you can Download our full 12 month calendar here