Bury Hill Gardening Calendar – March Gardening Tips

March gardening tips

Spring has sprung…

By the middle of March spring should well and truly be in the air and your garden will start to really come to life. Spring is an important time in the garden and this month you’ll be busy preparing your soil and sowing seed beds, looking ahead for a garden bursting with colour and variety come summer.

What to do in the garden in March

Plants and Flowers

Time to get those beautiful summer flowering bulbs in the ground! Wildflower seeds will do well now and can add a glorious mix of colour to your garden. Delicate sweet peas are another great choice too.


Tomato plants can be sown in the greenhouse in March.


Hardy shallots, onions and potatoes should be ready to go in the ground for an early crop. Leeks and beetroot can also be planted, as well as more leafy verge such as chard and kale. You can also get your herb garden going, or start indoors if the weather is still looking chilly.

Top 5 Gardening Tasks for March

  • Look out for slugs! If you don’t they’ll munch their way through new spring shoots.
  • Start getting your vegetables and summer-flowering bulbs planted.
  • Use a good topsoil to cover beds and containers for optimum plant growth.
  • Keep an eye on the lawn and mow if necessary.
  • Weeds will start to flourish in March so beware of them – hoe out any unwelcome visitors.

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