Bury Hill Gardening Calendar – June Gardening Tips

Bury Hill June Gardening Calendar

June gardening tips

Warmer weather arrives and summer flowers take centre stage…

June should see longer days, warmer weather, and all that hard work you have done in your garden in the first part of the year should really start to pay off. The extra warmth and light should see your garden burst into action, but watch out for weeds which love the more temperate weather too!

What to do in the garden in June

Plants and Flowers

Check on your climbers and any tall flowers and make sure you have provided support for them to continue to grow. Prune back spring flowering shrubs. If you want flowers in your garden all summer long plant some late-flowering ones such as Calendula, Candytuft, or Clarkia.


June is a great time to check in on your tomato plants and pinch out the sideshoots to stop them growing unmanageably tall.


Early crops of lettuce and radish should be yours for the taking! You can also plant nutritious broccoli, and herbs such as coriander and parsley can still be grown from seed at this time of the year.

Top 5 Gardening Tasks for June

  • Hoe borders and watch our for cracks in the patio where pesky weeds can grow.
  • Remember to try and be as efficient with your water as possible – though be sure not to let plants and flowers dry out.
  • For an instant garden refresh get some bright hanging baskets and containers out.
  • Grassy lawns will need to be mowed once a week.
  • If June is particularly warm protect greenhouse plants by blocking out the sun.

For helpful tips and advice throughout the year you can Download our full 12 month calendar here